The Sidekicks


As much as the podcast is about Movies, TV and everything geek related... In reality, Hardly Heroes is really about the Sidekicks aka YOU- the listeners. The podcast started out as Buddy feeding his own ego, but has evolved into being about the HH Sidekick community. Hardly Heroes is about coming together to celebrate the geeky things we love and sharing that with each other. Whether you write in, leave a comment, or join us in the HH Sidekick Sanctorum, we LOVE our growing community of Sidekicks. Shout out to all the sidekicks and your passion for movies, TV and everything geek related!

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On the Reg - Sidekicks



AKA: Brandon, Black GOAT, GOATKICKS, Very Black Ranger

Always up diving into a good Marvel conversation and especially ready to  come at you with deep cuts X-Men knowledge is our friend and resident sneaker geek, Brandon the GOAT! We'll find out how many pairs of sneaks he's got one of these days!



AKA: April, Buddy's Arch-Nemesis

Bird brings an often appreciated female component to the show in a very enjoyable fashion . . . talking mad smack to Buddy. She is our go-to expert on Harry Potter, Dr. Who and most everything Disney.



AKA: Dad, Groot, Tree Guy, Tallest Man Alive,

In the late 80's, two people were named Logan . . . Wolverine and this guy. Since this discovery, Logan has been a huge comic book (and most everything else) Geek. He's the Hardly Heroes Manager/Producer, which means he finds himself doing all sorts of "Dad-Like" for the show. Unfortunately for you listeners, that can mean regularly listening to his Jarvis-like presence on the podcast. Overly informational and wise-cracking but with the added bonus of miscellaneous geek rage ranting.

Hey, at least Phantom Menace is favorite Star Wars Movie!

Regular Sidekicks & Guests


AKA: Indian Viking, Dopinder

As a man of Indian heritage hailing from Norway, Sunny, The Indian Viking, is one of our absolutely favorite Side-Kicks. Keep an ear out for his fantastic email commentary and audio message content regularly on the Podcast. If Buddy & Aaron are laughing to the point of tears (and maybe a little pee), it's likely been at the hands of the Indian Viking.

Curtis Corona

AKA: Bear, "In the Biz"

Curtis is a long time listener and friend of the show who spends his 9 to 5 actually out there working "In the Biz." Check out his IMDB page to see what he's been working on lately & listen to Hardly Heroes to get all the inside scoops!


AKA: Norwegian Titan

Johnny is one of our favorite Side-Kicks who we are fortunate to hear from often. He watches & plays just about everything out there and always has some good suggestions on things for the Geeks of the world to check get into. Being Sunny's younger brother also does nothing but score you points around the Hardly Heroes Podcast.

Jay Jackal

AKA: No known alias.

Jay Jackal is the first, the original, the number one "Villain" of the Hardly Heroes Podcast. He is our favorite love-to-hate nemesis, always calling us out any chance he gets. A check-in from Jay Jackal is the best limiter we've found for Buddy's giant ego, helping its orbit remain somewhat close to Earth while always providing great laughs.


AKA: Sidekick With No Nickname, aka: ParmAlarm, aka: #Deepcuts  

Our resident super producer and frequent guest of the show. The man that keeps the fabric of the show running in the background. If there’s anything Disney you want to know about, or you want a surprise deep cut nerd reference he’s the man to ask!!

Just sound the ParmAlarm and he will appear faster than a shout out!!


AKA: the CorresponDAUNT, aka: Phil Burgundy, aka: the white ranger, aka: every Phil nickname imaginable  

He does the news, he makes us laugh while he’s doing it... He’s our A1 sidekick, endowed with powers by Mammy. He’s kind of the Nightwing to our Batman, not quite a Sidekick but also not a full fledged hero. He might think he’s deadpool... we’re pretty sure he’s not. All we know is he will get us the news every week and have fun while doing it.

Deep cut heroes


AKA: Blanny, Male Nanny, Cyclops,  Batman (if you ask him anyway)

Manny is a founding father of Hardly Heroes and podcast host of yesteryear that can be heard attempting to herd Buddy and Aaron all the way through episode #106. Designer of our logo, composer of our theme song, owner of the proclamation "Go my favorite sports team!"  and original nemesis of GOAT.


AKA: Sprinkles, The Jubilie, NOT The Jubilie, Tree-Go-Now

Alright, FINE.  We'll call him Aaron this ONE time, but that is it for the rest of the website!  Sprinkles is one of the founding fathers of Hardly Heroes and has been a host on well over 100 episodes. He's the ultimate Flash superfan, originator of our "Sprinkle Me Some Conspiracy" segment and the geek best frenemy that you never new you were missing.  You'll never be able to keep up with his encyclopedic knowledge of random everything and he is sure to rip you for it, but don't ask him where he left his car keys.

Hector the Collector


Hector the Collector has been stashing away Geeky treasures for as long as he can remember. Although, now that he's older and more mature . . . he collects ten times as much stuff because he has grown-up money! Comics, Cards, Pop Figures, Movies, Video Games, etc. Stacks on Stacks of collectibles and Geeky knowledge. Comic book super fan and expert.