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New Movie Reviews

Join your Heroes in the fun of geeking out over the tv, movies, or anything geek related! Sometimes spoilers, sometimes not, we'll let you know. Hear our take on the latest releases and don't forget to let us know your thoughts via a sidekick email or Facebook Hardly Heroes Sidekick Sanctorum! 


WHH News with the CorresponDAUNT

Get the latest from the Hardly Heroes Newsroom! When it comes to current events on movies, TV and geek culture, the Hardly Heroes Podcast always has you covered. Each episode, we'll dive in on the latest news, rumors, release dates and hype from the best of geekdom around the globe. All brought to you from our very own corresponDAUNT - Phil Burgundy!


The Nerd Up-Bro Down Challenge

The Proclamation: 

Dyllrd Skyllrd is not nerdy enough.

Shmee could do with some bro-style.

The Only Solution: Nerd Up/Bro Down Challenge!

The  hilarious back and forth game between Shmee and Skyllrd, in which each takes turns challenging each other to either get more nerdy or get more bro-like! Shmee challenges old Skyllrd-o to NERD UP, but then Shmee must reciprocate soon after with a BRO DOWN!

Episode Top 5

Top 5!

Your Hardly Heroes list off their favorite things in all sorts of categories. Head over to the Hardly Heroes Facebook Page to tell the guys why their picks were great, lame (more typical), what you would have picked and suggestions for future top 5's. Or keep the conversation going with us in the Sanctorum: