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Movies, TV and Everything Geek Related

Welcome to the Hardly Heroes Podcast! A podcast about Movies, TV, and Everything Geek Related. If it's awesome and worth getting excited about, it's Geek Related. Join us every Thursday in the Triple-HQ for fun, banter, geeky excitement and nerd-rage ranting, We're "steamed up" that you're here!

Find everything you'll need to know about the Hardly Heroes Cast of Characters helping you become an instant "regular" listener, AKA one of our Sidekicks! Learn about your hosts, regulars & friends. Check out our own little Hardly Heroes glossary of typical words and phrases you'll hear on the show.

Meet Your Heroes


Buddy (aka The Mad King)

AKA: First Mic, Mammy's Favorite, Sterlaldino, Sassy Pants, the Breaker of Ankles

Buddy is a founding father of the Hardly Heroes Podcast and is far and away the funniest, most captivating and entertaining part of the show . . . just ask him! Never short on things to say or excitement to Geek out about anything, Buddy is a mega fan of Batman, Star Wars, Han Solo and Power Rangers among many others.


Sheilah (aka Shmee)

AKA: Cheeze-Wiz, Chicken Nugget, Sheesh-kabob, (not) Tater Tot, (not) TT, TB, Marty ScorCHEESY, (insert Mammy's unsanctioned list here), (not) Goose, Geese, Mac n' Shmee, Tate

As if Hardly Heroes needed any more of Buddy's DNA around, but here we are! Sheilah, Buddy's Sister, brings some much needed female balance to the Podcast and acts as our resident Harry Potter and Star Trek Superfan. Want to Geek Out and get your hair did? Call Space 07 in Midtown Sacramento and schedule your appointment with Sheilah today!


Dyllyrd Skyllrd

AKA: Dondilly, Ladonathan Jenkins, Lil 1/2 Dill, L Don Hubbard, Dark Skyllardo, Daniel Skyllardo

Without a doubt the "coolest" guy on Hardly Heroes, Skyllard brings mad video game skills, guitar picking skills, burning Buddy skills, Beer Geek skills and amazingly solid AKA skills to our every Thursday shenanigans.