Stuff We Say, Mostly Stuff We've Made Up

Buddy-ism -  The English Language never stood a chance as soon as Buddy got in front of a microphone. If you're thinking "did he just say that?!" then you've probably just heard a Buddy-ism. 

Jea-Dat! - Brought to us by Skyllard-o himself, Jea-Dat is the ultimate way to agree with anything anyone else says. Need your Jea-Dat to be official? Then you better hope someone follows by proclaiming it as "Sanctioned!"

Sanctioning of your own Jea-Dat? Not on your life.

Sha-TING! -  This is the Hardly Heroes stamp of approval, mostly applied to worthy movies. If you hear the Sha-TING, you should watch that thing. 

Sidekick -  This is our affectionate name for listeners of the Hardly Heroes Podcast. We hope you'll be our newest Side-Kick and to hear from you soon! 

Steamed Up! -  When host Buddy gets so excited he thinks he's gonna pop! 

Triple-HQ -  The official name of the Hardly Heroes clubhouse and home of our podcast studio. Short for Hardly Heroes Headquarters of course!

Is It Gon' Hit? - The question if something is going to live up to the hype.

ShaBoyGen -  Usually referring to the self, or in context, ya boy. This term is normally uttered when a host wants to shout themselves out

ParmAlarm - Only used in 2 cases.... when our Super Producer Janes Navarro goes on a long rant, or someone else commits the crime of TLDR.

Deep Cuts - When you make a reference to something that you would have to be a hardcore nerd to understand. Such as a characters comic book origin, or just something the general public would have known about on their own.

Shout Out - When someone wants to acknowledge another person such as a Sidekick or a contributor to the show, or in James’s case when he wants to say hi to anyone he knows without just saying hi.

Tree-Go-Now -  One of our favorite stories from Aaron's youth is his mom yelling at him to go outside and trim a tree in the yard, using only the words "TREE, GO, NOW!" Use of this phrase has evolved to serve many purposes, including an additional nickname for Aaron, a multi-faceted swear word, or even just a random piece of transition filler.