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New Movie Reviews - Always Spoiler Free

Review, Rate & Recommend . . . . Never Ruin!

That's the Hardly Heroes motto when it comes to discussing new releases. We avoid un-creatively spoiling an entire plot line or surprises in the story while doing our best to help you decide on which films you should spend your hard earned movie going dollars. Our goal is to encourage you to join us in the fun of Geeking out at the movies, and we don't think spoiling 'em helps that one bit!

Please keep in mind that spoiler free reviews begin at Hardly Heroes Episode #107.


Geeky News

Want to stay current on world politics and global warming? 

Of course you don't, and neither do the Hardly Heroes! 

When it comes to current events on movies, T.V. and geek culture, the Hardly Heroes Podcast always has you covered.  Every single episode, we'll keep you up to date on the latest news, rumors, release dates and hype from the best of geekdom around the globe. 


Nerd Up/Bro Down

The Proclamation: 

Dyllrd Skyllrd is not nerdy enough.

The Retort:

Shmee could do with some bro-style.

The Only Solution:

Nerd Up/Bro Down Challenges!!!

The  hilarious back and forth game between Shmee and Skyllrd, in which each takes turns challenging each other to either get more nerdy or get more bro-like! Shmee challenges old Skyllrd-o to NERD UP, but then Shmee must reciprocate soon after with a BRO DOWN!

Hogwarts scarf to happy hour? Better get ready to reciprocate with that flat billed hat!


Top 5!

Your Hardly Heroes list off their favorite things in all sorts of categories. Head over to the Hardly Heroes Facebook Page to tell the guys why their picks were great, lame (more typical), what you would have picked and suggestions for future top 5's. 


Celebrity Panel Hosting with CGE Conventions

Several times a year, you'll find Hardly Heroes hosting the celebrity panel interviews at Colossus Girl Entertainment Comic Cons! We've interviewed two Slimers, Stay Puft, an every growing pile of Power Rangers,  Mindy Sterling of Austin Powers fame, Lou Ferrigo, an Aliens Reunion and many more . . . check out our YouTube channel to see a few! Next up is Meadowlark Comic Con in Meadford, OR on Saturday May 11th 2019. Check out www.MeadowlarkComicCon.com for more info and to get your tickets. Use the promo code HARDLYHEROES (all caps no spaces) to save $3 off the already low price of an amazing all day, all access ticket. CGE cons are always the best deal and most fun for your buck! 


Sprinkle Me Some Conspiracy

Host Aaron, AKA Sprinkles, walks us through the wonderful details of some of the most fun and outlandish conspiracy theories floating around on the interwebz, followed by a hilarious debate on whether or not we buy it. Do you? Write in and let us know!



The Hardly Heroes proudly support Project Wish Upon a Star's (PWUAS) Project: SUPERHERO!  which gives child cancer patients and their families the true hero treatment at Comic Cons on the West Coast.  Visit www.projectwishuponastar.org to learn more and donate to help make a hero or heroine's wish come true!

Click here to watch our video and see the fun we had Super Hero Annie Blake and her family at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con in 2017.