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Geeky News

Want to stay current on world politics and global warming? 

Of course you don't, and neither do the Hardly Heroes! 

When it comes to current events on movies, T.V. and geek culture, the Hardly Heroes Podcast always has you covered.  Every single episode, we'll keep you up to date on the latest news, rumors, release dates and hype from the best of geekdom around the globe. 

Campbell Con 2017

Hosted this year by the Hardly Heroes Podcast: Campbell Con by Colossus Girl Entertainment!  Campbell Con is known to be special for it's intimate feel and prides itself on hard to come by celebrity guests and reunions. Highlights from this year included the opportunity to take part in a incredibly special Ghostbusters reunion, a very rare west coast appearance of Don McGregor of Black Panther fame, Hollywood legend Beverly Washburn and more. Check out the panels on our YouTube page by clicking here.


 The Hardly Heroes proudly support Project Wish Upon a Star's (PWUAS) Project: SUPERHERO!  which gives child cancer patients and their families the true hero treatment at Stan Lee's Comic Con in Los Angeles.  Visit www.projectwishuponastar.org to learn more and donate to help make a hero or heroine's wish come true!

Click here to watch our video and see the fun we had at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con.

Top 5!

Your Hardly Heroes list off their favorite things in all sorts of categories. Head over to the Hardly Heroes Facebook Page to tell the guys why their picks were great, lame (more typical), what you would have picked and suggestions for future top 5's. 

Geek Fuel

 It's always more fun to open your Geek Fuel monthly mystery box with someone who will geek out about the contents as much as you! Grab your red box, cue up your Hardly Heroes podcast and join us every month as we open ours live on the Podcast.  New to Geek Fuel? Head over to GeekFuel.com/HardlyHeroes to get $5 off your first box, courtesy of Geek Fuel and Hardly Heroes!